WFF 2014

Who we are

We consider ourselves a collective of people joined together by the music with a great spirit to consider life as big joke where you need to enjoy every day.

Who are the members of Panda Geisha?

In no particular order: Pistolen Pete, Grumpy Cat, GrayLord, Escobar and the special presence of Gretsen, Isa and Du Arsch (And also many others that we thank for being always there with us).

What is Fake Hardc0r3?

Fake Hardc0r3 for us is the way to say to the lovers of Hardcore in a satiric way that no matter what do they think about it, there's no True or Real Hardcore.

Please don't consider this anyhow as a critic and if you take it seriously then we need to explicitly say, This is a Joke!.

Why Panda Geisha?

As almost everything in this World is driven by fun times drinking with friends, that was the most accurate term we could get when drunk (Sorry to dissapoint you, there's no deep meaning on this name).